My Signature Pose…

This is my first attempt at creating a blog, so if you have any suggestions please feel free to email me some tips on how to make this better. 

I like to do several things to keep my clients interactive and to give them something to think about when they go back and view the finished product once I’ve finished putting that polished finish on the creation of their art. I could have easily said images but one of my favorite tag lines is #LetsCreate because I try my best to not just shoot an image but to also build lasting friendships/relations with my clients, creating lasting memories with and for them not just via an image but as a friend, brother, or Uncle to their children. 

One of my key creative tools is the use of my Signature pose, you can see in the images below just what I mean. Not only have I adopted this pose for my clients but in a lot of my personal images I use this mantra as means of expression. When it comes to my clients, I always ask them “When people ask you who shot your pictures, what do you tell them?” Then ecstatically i expect them to yell my name…”Jayyyyy Chunnnnn” I know it may seem narcissistic or vain but I really mean for it to be used as a marketing tool… So the next time you see an image like the one below feel free to yell “Jayyyyy Chunnnn!!!”

[image-grid: fingerprint-]

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